About Us

Talaash” acurately translates into finding your own self. The brand’s center of attention is to empower its customers – helping them recognize their full potential by making them fall in love with the way they look.

Talaash inspires all its customers shopping experience by providing a never-ending artistic run through fashion trends at a great value. Talaash found its roots as a celebration of modern-day renaissance of individual self-expression. Talaash is a South Asian streetwear clothing brand focused exclusively on materializing authentic and creative self-expression journey each of us embarks on. People associate with their style on a personalized level, and in this journey Talaash exteriorizes those with its elaborate yet subdued, nationally crafted fashion pieces. Each collection is a fashion statement on its own but what truly stays constant is the manufacturing, assemblance and a hint of Pakistani culture in the locally sourced articles.